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What areas are available for Franchising?

Second Slice is currently searching for franchisees to develop across Canada. Contact us for details!

How Much is The Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee is $25000.00 plus tax

What is the initial cost (investment) for a second slice franchise?

$200,000.00 (CND) plus all applicable taxes.

What is included in the initial cost?

1. Franchise fee.
2. Assistance with expert site selection, lease negotiation and store design.
3. All equipment, furniture, small wares and signage.
4. 2-4 weeks comprehensive in–store training and use of our manuals.
5. Assistance with store set- up and opening.
6. Complete accounting and accurate detailed reporting system.
7. On-going operational, merchandising and marketing support.
8. Construction, tenant improvement and project management of the store.
9. One of the manager to help with the opening of your store for two weeks.

What are the Royalty and Marketing Fees?

Our Royalty Fee is 4% and the Marketing Fee is 1%

What are the requirements?

1. Have an entrepreneurial spirit 
2. Recommended to have $10,000-$20,000 working capital
3. 50% of purchase price of unencumbered cash
4. A satisfactory credit rating
5. Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills
6. Willingness to Succeed

Is previous experience needed?

While it definitely is an asset, previous experience is not a requirement as we offer extensive training and support.

Can owner of other franchises qualify for a franchise application?

Yes, provided they are not in a competing food business

How many years is the franchise agreement

The initial franchise is granted for a period of 10 years. It can also be as long as the lease on your store. There is no renewal fee.

Does second slice Provide financing to franchisee?

Yes, and we also provide a list of preferred lenders for your convenience

How much money can I make as a Second Slice franchisee?

Depends on many factors, your management, quality location, rent, sales volume, and competition.

Can I buy an existing location?

Yes, if there’s one available for sale

What support will Second Slice Head Office provide after I become a franchisee?

1. Business Coach
2. Marketing Power
3. Ongoing Training
4. Pre-Opening and Event Support

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